14 Jun 2018

Venshi's Vaticination

Dear Maplers,

Are you excited about World Cup 2018? So are we! Our very own CM Venshi will be hosting his first ever Vaticination and you have been cordially invited to join!

Each class in MapleStorySEA will represent a country in the World Cup, and Venshi will be using his makeshift uhh... crystal ball(?) to predict this year's winner! Do you think Venshi can predict who will take home 2018’s FIFA World Cup Championship?


p/s: Vaticination is a noun that means knowledge of the future, usually said to be obtained from a divine source. I didn't know that!

How to Participate?

Complete this form here with all your details, and vote for which class do you think will win! Although, there is a twist... you won't know which class represents which country. That comes later!

Event Mechanics

  • Event duration: 13 June 2018 to 15 July 2018, 1200hrs (GMT +8)
  • Voting: Complete the form here, before 14 June 2018, 1815hrs. You can still change your choice before this timing.
  • Country Assignment: Our very own CM Venshi will be assigning each class in MapleSEA to a specific country, which will be streamed live on our MapleStorySEA Facebook page!
  • Results: After every match in the World Cup 2018, the winning classes will proceed and move towards the finals. Classes that unfortunately dropped off will be given a consolation prize depending on how many matches was won.
  • Rewards: Rewards will be given based on the highest achieved ranking of the class. Rewards will not be stacked.

How the event works

1. Vote for your prediction here!
2. Sit tight, and tune in to the livestream on MapleStorySEA's Facebook page and watch as teams are assigned to their respective MapleSEA class counterparts!
3. Watch the World Cup, and root for your class!
4. If your voted class loses, fret not, as there will be prizes for everyone.
5. Watch all the way to the end and see who stands up top as the Class Champion! (or should we say, the luckiest?)
6. Rewards and prizes will be sent to the e-mail address provided during voting.


Based on the final standing of the class voted, each player will receive rewards corresponding to their voted class's standing.


For example, if a class qualified for Round of 16 playoffs but did not make it to the Quarter-Finals, everyone who voted for that particular class will receive Newspaper Sword.
Here's your chance to get your hands on old-school items, if you're lucky enough!

Are you lucky enough? (Or are you already qualified to knock Cassandra out of her Fortune Telling business?)

Terms and Conditions

  • All submissions must be submitted with all required information.
  • Entries without required information may be rejected or disqualified without notice.
  • Rewards will only be sent out via email upon the completion of the entire event.
  • Duplicated votes will be voided, we will only regard the last selection based on voting timestamp as the valid entry.
  • Each MapleID can only win once, in the event of multiple submissions only the last entry regardless of IGN will be the valid entry.
  • Participants will need to retrieve the redemption code from the email addresses keyed into the Google Form.
  • AsiaSoft Online Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation will not be responsible for any loss of redemption code through lost mail, erroneous submissions, compromised email accounts and expired codes.
  • Rewards will be sent to all respective email addresses after the end of the event.
  • All decisions by Asiasoft Online and Nexon Corporation are final & binding.
  • Asiasoft Online and Nexon Corporation reserve the right to edit or change any of the above without prior notice.