25 Nov 2016

V Weekend Part 2


Dear Maplers,

To celebrate the weekend after 5th Job, we have more exciting activities coming your way starting today!

MapleSEA Miles

• Login on 25th November 2016 to gain 500 Free Mileage Points
• Login on 26th November 2016 to gain 500 Free Mileage Points
• Login on 27th November 2016 to gain 1,000 Free Mileage Points

This Free Bonus Mileage Points will be credited to all eligible players during the next server check, and will expire at 2359hrs (GMT+8) 13th December 2016.

Additional eligibility criteria :
• Minimum Level 33+
• Zero must complete Chapter 2 to participate

Double the Drop!

There's no better opportunity to hunt for your precious gemstones! There will be a 2x DROP event as follows :

Date : Saturday, 26th November 2016

Time : 2100hrs - 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Date : Sunday, 27th November 2016

Time : 2100hrs - 2359hrs (GMT +8)

White Saturday

While all the other folks around town were hyped up for Black Friday sales, we at MapleStorySEA will have White Saturday instead!

For ONE DAY ONLY, on 26th November 2016, WHITE ADDITIONAL CUBES will be available at the Cash Shop!


A White Miracle Cube is a miraculous cube that resets the Additional Potential of your equipment. Basically, it works like a Black Cube , just that its for Additional Potentials!!

But wait, there's a catch! Each account will only be able to make 1 purchase of each. You will not be able to see the item in the Cash Shop again after you have made your purchase.

We hope you enjoy the 2nd weekend of the V-Patch! See you online!

- MapleSEA Administrator