27 Jun 2024

Lady Blair's Dream Express - July 2024


Lady Blair, our queen of all fashions, is back in DREAMER! Transfer your cash items to a different cash inventory as she unseals the power from the Dreams~

Event Duration:

3rd July 2024, 0000hrs ~ 9th July 2024, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Unsure of how Lady Blair’s magic works? Here’s the rundown:


Transferring Cash Items
  • Enter the Cash Shop.
  • Ensure desired Cash Item is placed in the Cash Inventory/Wardrobe.
  • Right-click on the Cash Item and select the Same World Transfer button
  • Select the recipient's IGN from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the OK button
  • The selected item will now appear in the character's Cash Inventory/Wardrobe the next time that character is logged in.

    Cash Item Transfer Limitations
  • Players can only transfer cash items between characters within the same world.
  • Cash items transferred between two characters of the same faction (e.g Explorer, Resistance, Flora etc.) will still result in a successful transfer, although it's good to note that they are already able to share items between their Cash Inventory/Wardrobe.
  • Certain items such as Friendship or Couple rings and event-related items cannot be transferred.