04 Dec 2023

Lady Blair Returns for the NEW AGE!


Our queen of all fashions, Lady Blair, is back for the NEW AGE! Transfer your cash items to different cash inventory as she unseals the gate once again with the power of the NEW AGE.

Event Duration:

13th December 2023, 0000hrs ~ 19th December 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Unsure of how Lady Blair’s magic works? Here’s the rundown:


Transferring Cash Items
  • Enter the Cash Shop.
  • Ensure desired Cash Item is placed in the Cash Inventory/Wardrobe.
  • Right-click on the Cash Item and select the Same World Transfer button
  • Select the recipient's IGN from the drop down menu
  • Click on the OK button
  • The selected item will now appear in the character's Cash Inventory/Wardrobe the next time that character is logged in.

    Cash Item Transfer Limitations
  • Players can only transfer cash items between characters within the same world.
  • Cash items transferred between two characters of the same faction (e.g Explorer, Resistance, Flora etc.) will still result in a successful transfer, although it's good to note that they are already able to share items between their Cash Inventory/Wardrobe.
  • Certain items such as Friendship or Couple ring and event related items cannot be transferred.