17 Jan 2023




Event Duration : 18th January 2023, 0000hrs - 24th January 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

23 minutes a day~ For the best HUAT rewards!

Simply log in to the game from 18th January to 24th January and stay online for 23 minutes every day to collect rewards!

IGNITION Label/Quote Rings for collecting all the 7 days of goodies will only be given on the 25th January 2023 Maintenance.


  • You may only claim the reward once per MapleID.
  • You may only claim the reward once per day.
  • You may only claim the reward on a Level 101+ character.
  • All rewards will be obtainable via the Reward Box icon , located on the left side of the screen AFTER the full 23 minutes has been clocked.
  • All rewards from the event are durational (7 days) and will expire if unused, with the exception of the 2x EXP Coupon and Growth Potion Coupon item, which will have an item duration of 1 day.
  • Unclaimed rewards will disappear from the Reward Box at 0000hrs (GMT +8) the day after the intended reward period.
  • IGNITION Label/Quote Rings for collecting all available rewards will be distributed after the maintenance on 25th January 2023.

  • FAQ

    Q: I logged in before 2359hrs, why can't I claim any reward?
    A: You need to clock in the required minimum online time of 23 consecutive minutes before the reward claim period expires on each day at 2359hrs (GMT+8).

    Q: I managed to clock in the required time, why wasn't I able to claim the reward?
    A: You will need to manually claim the reward from the Reward Box icon before 2359hrs (GMT+8) to receive it.

    Q: Can I switch characters?
    A: If you disconnect from the character before the timer is completed or before claiming the reward, the quest timer will reset and you will need to start all over again.

    Hyper New Year 到家大门口~

    - MapleSEA Administrator