05 Dec 2018

v181 Download, Login and Play Event

Dear Maplers,

To celebrate our v181 Patch, Empress Cygnus has prepared a little something for everyone!

Event Date : 5th ~ 11th December 2018

Simply download or patch up your client to v181, login, and play to enjoy rewards!

Update as of 12 December: Requirements to obtain the bonus rewards for completing Fairy Bros Daily Missions have been changed to users who have logged in for 5 of the 7 required days as some players have raised concerns about missing out the daily gift on the patch day of 5 December. All eligible participants have been credited with the rewards as of the 12 December server check. Rewards will be available for 2 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support, and Happy Mapling!

1) Everyone who logs in into the game between 1400hrs 5th December to 2359hrs 11th December 2018 will receive a Peppermint Throne Chair!

2) If you are level 200 and above, you will receive a image 20-Core Gemstone Coupon to upgrade or obtain your new V Skill!

Obtain the above rewards from the Reward Box on the left side of the screen now!

3) All players who are level 150 and above can receive a image Unique Potential Scroll 100%, a image 2X Drop Coupon, a image Black Cube and a image Save Damage Skin Slot Expansion Coupon by completing the Fairy Bros Daily Missions of all days between 5th to 11th December 2018.

Rewards will only be credited to eligible participants during a future server check.

So don't dally much longer! Play now to reap your rewards!

  • Players who have reached the respective level requirements before the end of the event will be eligible for the respective rewards.
  • Players who have completed and obtained their Fairy Bros Daily Gift for 5 December 2018 before the Game Patch Update will have their completion count taken into account.

  • Rewards can be obtained once per Maple ID. Rewards for the Fairy Bros Daily Gift will only be credited to players who have cleared Fairy Bros Daily for the specified event dates.

    - MapleSEA Administrator