23 Jun 2017

12th Anni-Mystery Miracle Magic

Dear Maplers,


Feel the tinge of magic in the air this weekend! Its that time again! An enchanting opportunity has presented itself for those who wish to achieve higher potential tiers!


Date : Saturday, 24th June 2017

Time : 2000hrs - 2100hrs (GMT +8)

During this period, lucky players will be granted a "Double Miracle Time Blessing" image if they successfully upgraded their equipment's rank up to the Legendary tier!

The blessing grants a map-wide buff which gives Weapon Attack +30 and Magic Attack +30 for 15 minutes.

Details :
If you have received the Double Miracle Time Blessing, the following message will appear in your chatbox:


Double Miracle Time increases the chances of upgrading equipment rank for the following types of Cubes:

Revolutionary Miracle
Reflect Miracle
Enlightening Miracle
Super Miracle

There will also be special sales for the above mentioned cubes during the Miracle Time!

Many blessings to everyone during this period of time!

- MapleSEA Administrator