04 Sep 2018

Stamper September!

Dear Maplers,

Its time to Gacha!


Date Start : 5th September 2018

Date End : 18th September 2018, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Whether you're busy trying to obtain that Orchid Card or not, here's a little boost for you!


For every Gachapon ticket you purchase from the Cash Shop, 1 Gachapon Stamp will be given to your character! Collect all these stamps, and then head on over to the Event Map (accessible via the Mirror of Dimension in most towns)!

Look for the Mushroom Statue NPC and you can exchange your stamps away for a variety of items!



• Due to the overwhelming size of the Time Controller Chair, the image has been reduced by 50%
• Please ensure that there is sufficient space in your Inventory tabs before purchasing the Gachapon tickets, as well as during exchanging of the Gachapon stamps.

-MapleSEA Administrator