16 Oct 2020

Spook-tacular iGacha

Dear Maplers,

Prepare yourselves for a Spook-tacular time!

ALL CODES HAVE BEEN FULLY REDEEMED AS OF 16th October 2020, 2158hrs (GMT+8)

Start Date : 16th October 2020, 1730hrs (GMT +8)

End Date : 18th October 2020, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

(Or while item codes stock still last.)



• When the Breath of Divinity is equipped, the following skills become available:
   » Dawn Shield - Creates a protective shield that absorbs the enemy's attack. Increases Def by 500 & immunity to Knockback for 60 seconds.

• When the Reaper's Pendant is equipped, the following skills become available:
   » Altered Fate - When hit by a fatal attack, the attack is ignored. Your HP & MP becomes fully recovered instead. (cooldown: 20minutes)
   » New Destiny - When hit by a fatal attack, you gain a 'New Destiny' buff. Buff Effect: Weapon/Magic Attack +40 for 30sec. (cooldown: 20minutes)

• With the Battle-Roid (M/F) equipped, the following effects takes place:
   » Vendor Shop - Double-clicking on the Battle-Roid will give you access to its Shop function.
   » Upon Death - You will not lose EXP upon death and your character buffs will remain upon revival. You will be able to revive in most of the current maps.

• When the Lucid's Earring is equipped, the following skills become available:
   » Lucid's Nightmare - Stuns 15 enemies for 9 seconds. Gains immunity to Lucid's Nightmare and cannot be stunned for 90seconds. (cooldown: 110seconds)

• The Sengoku Hakase Badge has no Upgrade and Potential options

• The Destiny Scrolls for Armors and Accessories provide a random upgrade value of 1~12 of the stated ATT or MATT value.

• The Destiny Scrolls for Weapons provide a random upgrade value of 1~12 of the stated ATT or MATT value, and additionally a random upgrade value of 1~12 of each STR, DEX, INT, and LUK.

• The Destiny Scrolls for Pet Equipment provide a random upgrade value of 1~7 of the stated ATT or MATT value.

• The Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon will only allow you to receive Arcane Symbols of quest areas that the character has obtained the initial Symbol of.

• The Magic of Cassandra will increase Mesos Drop Rate by 100% for 2 hours.

• The Onyx Apple will increase ATT/MATT by 100 and will increase Def by 20 for 10 minutes.

• The Swiss Cheese will increase MATT by 220 for 2 minutes.

• The Blossom Buff Support will increase ATT/MATT & All-stats by 20 for 20 minutes.

• All items obtained are permanent, except for the following with their expiry as indicated:
  ➢ 17 & 20 Star Force Enhancement Coupon (30 days)
  ➢ All assorted Destiny Scrolls (7 days)
  ➢ Unique Potential Scroll (90 days)
  ➢ Black Scrolls for Accessories (90 days)
  ➢ Purple Cube x3 Coupon (30 days) (obtained Purple Cubes are 7 days)
  ➢ Selective Arcane Symbol (30 days)
  ➢ Miracle Circulator (7 days)
  ➢ Special Medal of Honor Coupon (90 days)

• The following items are tradable before equipping them:
  ➢ Breath of Divinity
  ➢ Reaper's Pendant
  ➢ Battleroids (M & F)
  ➢ Outlaw Heart

• The following item is inter-account tradable:
  ➢ Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon

• The following items are tradable with no restriction:
  ➢ Assorted Destiny Scrolls
  ➢ Assorted Black Scrolls
  ➢ Premium Accessory ATT & Magic ATT Scrolls
  ➢ Unique Potential Scroll
  ➢ Purple Cube x3 Coupon (obtained Purple Cubes are not tradable)
  ➢ 10 Core Gemstones Coupon (obtained Core Gemstones are tradable as well)
  ➢ Rainbow Resurrection Flame
  ➢ Magic Throwing Knife & Balanced Fury
  ➢ Armor-Piercing Bullet
  ➢ Magic of Cassandra
  ➢ Onyx Apple
  ➢ Swiss Cheese
  ➢ Blossom Buff Support
  ➢ Royal Guard Parade: Cavalry & Honors chairs

• The following items are untradable:
  ➢ Lucid's Earring
  ➢ All Star Force Enhancement Coupons
  ➢ Sengoku Hakase Badge
  ➢ Dark Fairy Tale Cape
  ➢ Absolabs & Stigma Coins
  ➢ Miracle Circulator
  ➢ Creeputie Hairpin
  ➢ Hallo Pumpkins chair
  ➢ 2x EXP Coupon
  ➢ Drop Rate 2x Coupon
  ➢ Special Medal of Honor Coupon
  ➢ Spell Trace Exchange Coupon

• You can only move one set of 5x 300 Spell Trace Exchange Coupon from your Cash Item Storage into your Cash Inventory tab.

We would like to remind all players to trade items with the appropriate in-game Trade or Cash Trade function, instead of using alternative methods not intentional for in-game item trading.



» FAQs

Q: What is the i-Gacha?
A: i-Gacha is a web based system which contains a totally different set of items and rates from the in-game Gachapon System.

Q: Why do I have to log in to my i-Gacha account?
A: i-Gacha System uses an account separate from your Maple account, and uses M-Coins for gachapon purchases that has been integrated unto the web for the convenience of players. Please refer to our Step by Step Guide on how to sign up for a new i-Gacha account.

Q: What are M-Coins?
A: The M-Coin is a token required in order to play the i-Gacha. You will need to purchase M-Coins before you can proceed to play i-Gacha.

Q: How do I purchase M-Coins?
A: After converting your Topup into Maple Cash, login into your i-Gacha account and click on the “Buy M-Coins!” to make your purchase.

Q: The i-Gacha machine is out of stock but I still have M-Coins!
A: Please take note that there are no refunds made for unused M-Coins, nor can they be reverted back to Maple Game Cash. However, the M-Coins can be kept for use in future i-Gacha or Fortune Bag events. M-Coins do not have any expiry date. With that in mind, please make your conversions wisely.

Q: Where can I get my item code?
A: You will be able to view your 30-digit item code in image, and under the column of “Item Code” and click “Show” to view your item code. Remember to redeem them before the expiry date if you're planning to save it for later!


Q: How do I redeem my item code(s)?
A: You can redeem your codes via the Cash Shop in-game. Click the image button at the top right corner of the screen and enter your code in the empty fields before clicking on 'OK'.


- MapleSEA Administrator