28 Oct 2016

[Update] Showcase Your Pumpkin Carving Contest

[Updated as of 25/11/2016, 1825hrs GMT +8)]
Hi Maplers!


Congratulation to the following players! You have won for yourselves Maple Points and a set of Pink Bean Plushies!


The MapleSEA Administrators will be in touch with you soon on how to collect your prizes.

Thank you and we hope you have a wonderful 2016 Halloween Celebration!

Winning Pumpkin designs can be found here.

Happy Mapling!

-MapleSEA Administrator.


Do you have what it takes to carve out the most creative Pumpkin for this Halloween?. If you think you have what it takes, showcase your pumpkin in our 1st ever MapleSEA Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Form a team of up to 4 pax and join in our Pumpkin Carving Contest and you can win for yourself Maple Points and a set of Pink Bean Plushies each!

The MapleSEA Team and administrators will be the main judges for this event so showcase your best Pumpkin carving skills to win their votes!

Event Date: 28th October to 6th November 2016, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Event Platform: MapleSEA Facebook Page

Event Prize:


Event Terms and Conditions
• All participating Mapler must post their photo submission onto the Facebook event post here.
• Each team can consist up to 4 participants max.
• In term of prize reward, the prize reward will be split among the winning team
••• Example1: Team A consist of 2 participants and they came in 1st, they will each win a set of Pink Bean plushies and 50,000 Maple Points each.
••• Example2: Team B consist of 4 participants and they came in 3rd, they will each win a set of Pink Bean plushies and 5,000 Maple Points each.
• Players must comment their Team Name, participant’s IGN and World in the comment section in order for us to contact you.
• Closing date for selection of new entry will at 06/11/2016, 2359hrs (GMT +8)
• All the winner’s name will be announce on our webnews on the 9th November 2016 (GMT +8).
• Inappropriate posts will be removed from the comment section.
• The MapleSEA Team & administrators will be judging on all entry based on creativity and design.
• MapleSEA Team decision are final and binding.

Have a great Halloween and Happy Mapling!

-MapleSEA Administrator.