10 Mar 2017

School Holiday Specials 2017

Dear Maplers,

School exams are almost over and the spring break is coming soon!

Check out the timetable for Server Timed events during this school holiday period!


Key Notes

Burning Time
Increases the spawn rates of Elite Monsters

Fever Time
Increases the success rates of Spell Trace Enhancements as follows:
» 15% > 25%
» 30% > 45%
» 70% > 95%

HOT Weekend (between 0000hrs - 2359hrs)
Provides a boost during the entire day as follows:
» 100% chance of success at 5th/10th/12th Star Force Enhancement (does not apply to Superior items)
» 50% reduction in Honor EXP Needed for Resetting Ability
» 70% > Higher Chance of getting Augmented Soul from Soul Shards