31 Mar 2022

Rolling To The Troll

Aaaaaaprillllll Ffffffffooooolllllll?!

Duration : 1st April, 0000hrs - 3rd April, 2359hrs

Avoid Getting Foolll Bonk~~

Damage Skin - April Fool's Day (Original) Exchange Coupon


April Fool Surprise Box

You will get a random surprise!!

Note :
  • Items shown are partial of the reward list.
  • Items only last for 30 days.

  • image

    Troll Expression Box

    Express the troll~~
    Note : Troll Expression Box contains 5 permanent emotes which can be obtained at random.


    April Fool Royal Hair Coupon

    Random Hair Random Feeling.


    Bluuuuuuuuu!!! Next Level Trolllll!!