28 Feb 2019

Hello, Who's on the Line?

Brrring brrring... brrring brrrring, Hello? Who's there?

Multiply and multiply and multiply! How high can we stack?


Following the huge success of Merry Venshimas back in December, Venshi has prepared yet another special event for all Maplers to enjoy! Collecting chances and obtaining bonuses and earning great multipliers!

Varied multipliers, same ol' rewards, and unlimited chances. What are you waiting for?

Event Mechanics:

  • Be entitled with 1x Personal Multiplier with every 50k @cash spent on any item in the Cash Shop on a weekly basis!
  • Spending amount will be taken from Wednesday (starting 27 Feb), 0000hrs, to Tuesday, 2359hrs every week (except week 4).
  • Every Wednesday during the event period, Venshi will appear on Facebook Livestream, and.... with your assistance, the rewards will be set in stone!
  • Every stream session, players will be given a chance to "call in" to Venshi's stream, just like a radio show! And that is where the item rewards and bonus multiplier will be decided. By YOU!
  • The reward item will change weekly. The reward amount will also change weekly. The reward and final amount depends on the results of the stream.
  • Available Multipliers are:
  •   -3X
  • Similarly, the rewards available will be:
  •   -Mysterious Meso Pouch
      -Purple Cube
      -Rainbow Resurrection Flame
      -Clean Slate Scroll 10%
      -Core Gemstone
  • Spend a minimum of 50,000 @cash in the Cash Shop to automatically be eligible for this event.
  • Any cash items can be purchased, and there is no restriction.
  • Purchases made with Maple Points and/or Mileage will not be included.
  • There will be 3 variables in effect in this event, 2 of which are Multipliers that will increase the quantity of the reward.
  • (R) Reward Item for the week is the first variable.
  • (IM) Item Multiplier is the second variable.
  • (PM) Personal Multiplier is the third variable.
  • Final obtainable reward will be Item Multipler X Personal Multiplier of Reward Item, differing on a weekly basis.
  • Players will obtain ONE (1) Personal Multiplier with every 50k @cash spent in the Cash Shop during each event week. There is no upper limit to the amount of PM that any player can accumulate.
  • Personal Multipliers will be based off MapleSEA Passport IDs, accumulated across all Maple IDs in the same passport.
  • The final reward will be credited to the MapleID with the highest levelled character.
  • During the livestream, two lucky players who have called in will play a small game to determine the Reward Item and the Item Multiplier
  • The stream will conclude when the Reward Item and the Item Multiplier have been confirmed for the week

  • By the way, all lucky callers that got through to Venshi's Line can receive a very special Logitech LINE FRIENDS Wireless Mouse! Fastest fingers first!


    Kanna spends 150k @cash on 2 March.
    She is entitled to 3 chances, and she should tune in to "Hello, Who's On the Line?" Stream on 6 March.
    DJ Venshi obtained a special multiplier of 4x, and obtained the item Purple Cube as the Reward Item on stream.
    Kanna will receive 3 chances (150k spent) multiplied by 4 (obtained multiplier), a total of 12 Purple Cubes!

    Orchid spends 49k @cash on 20 March, and 165k @cash on 27 March.
    She is entitled to 4 chances, she should tune in to "Hello, Who's On the Line?" Stream on 27 March.
    DJ Venshi obtained a special multiplier of 7x, and obtained the item Rainbow Resurrection Flame as the Reward Item on stream.
    Orchid will receive 4 chances (214k spent) multiplied by 8 (obtained multiplier), a total of 32 Rainbow Resurrection Flame!

    Event Duration:
    27 February 2019, 0000hrs ~ 27 March 2019, 2359hrs
    Venshimas Livestreams: 6 March, 13 March, 20 March, 27 March 2019

    Event accumulated spending week:
    Week 1: 27 February 2019, 0000hrs to 5 March 2019, 2359hrs
    Week 1 On the Line Stream: 6 March 2019

    Week 2: 6 March 2019, 0000hrs to 12 March 2019, 2359hrs
    Week 2 On the Line Stream: 13 March 2019

    Week 3: 13 March 2019, 0000hrs to 19 March 2019, 2359hrs
    Week 3 On the Line Stream: 20 March 2019

    Week 4: 20 March 2019, 0000hrs to 27 March 2019, 2359hrs (Note: Spending for Week 4 will be Wednesday, 0000hrs to the next Wednesday, 2359hrs)
    Week 4 On the Line Stream: 27 March 2019

    Please note that your spending will only be accumulated within these 4 weeks, in the above-mentioned dates.

    Note: All spending will be based on user's registered MapleSEA Passport, cumulative of all Maple IDs in the same passport.

    Terms and Conditions

  • Only purchases made entirely in Maple Cash is eligible for this promotion. Purchases made with Maple Points or partially offset by Mileage will not be accounted for.
  • Players who have made successful purchases and are eligible for rewards will receive them via the Reward Box System in-game, to be credited during future server maintenances.
  • Players must ensure that their email addresses stated on their MapleSEA Passport account is active and accurate. Playpark Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation will not be held responsible in cases of lost email, or cases whereby the participants cannot be contacted via their registered email addressed tied to their MapleSEA Passport account.
  • Playpark Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation reserves the rights to make any changes to the above mentioned without any prior notice.
  • Playpark Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation reserve the right to disqualify and take action against any player that violates our abuse policy.