04 May 2020

Newtro EXP Party!

Dear Maplers,

Had fun with Everyday Newtro Time? Glad to hear that! The fun doesn't stop with Newtro EXP Party! Receive the ever elusive 3X EXP Coupons just by logging into the game. With an abundance of EXP Boost alongside ongoing funsies, you'll be able to watch your EXP bar and Levels RISE up, up, and away! Daily gifts, RISE to the next level. Early morning RISE and shine, or post-dinner training and dailies with that RISE in EXP bonuses? Why not both everything, in the best way you can celebrate with Newtro EXP Party?


RISE up, Maplers! Here's a daily boost throughout this crucial period to get you by this crisis!

Event Duration: 4 May 2020 to 19 May 2020

Party with... Daily 3X Newtro EXP Party Gift:
Log in to the game every day during the event period to receive three 3X EXP Coupon (15min) that can be utilized until the end of the day! EXP Coupons expire at 2359hrs of that day. Train up and train well, and watch your levels RISE.

Party with... Newtro Drop Focus:
Play during 6pm to 8pm (GMT +8) during the event period to enjoy boosted 2X Drop Rates daily! RISE up, gear up. Now's the time.

Party with... Newtro EXP RISE Up, Party Hard:
Log in to the game from 6am to 12pm (GMT +8) during the event period to receive an additional 3X EXP Coupon (15min) while you enjoy the benefits of staying in Newtro Sauna and Newtro Roller Skating Rink as your day goes by! Finish up a hearty filling dinner, and come back from 8pm to 12mn (GMT +8) during the event period to receive another additional 3X EXP Coupon (15min)! With that many EXP Coupons, it's a steady path to RISING success! EXP Coupons expire at 2359hrs of that day.

Party with... Newtro, Haste Plus, Posthaste!:
Get fired up and receive an additional 3X EXP Coupon (15min) when you finish the Weekly Hidden Mission for Haste Plus, for both weeks! Just an icing on the cake of rewards, finish up your Haste run with a 3X boost for the RISE of the super flaming hasty partier! One 3X EXP Coupon (15min) can be received daily after completing the hidden mission for every week of Haste Plus.
  • Haste Mission Weeks:
       ➢ Week 1: 6th May 2020, 1000hrs ~ 12th May 2020, 2359hrs
       ➢ Week 2: 13th May 2020, 0000hrs ~ 19th May 2020, 2359hrs

    There is no better time than now, to log in daily, log in early, for freebies! At the same time, enjoy the long-lasting benefits of staying in the Newtro Sauna or the Newtro Roller Skating Rink!

    In Newtro Sauna, you can literally watch your EXP or Trait EXP RISE while enjoying the heat of the sauna as it seeps into your character, empowering them even further for additional benefits with Star Force Enhancement. Get that Star Force numbers on the RISE!


    If Newtro Power is more of your thing, grab a Roller Skating Chair from Merchant Grandma and practice your amazing Roller Skating skills in the Newtro Roller Skating Rink to obtain Newtro Power and RISE up as the best Newtro Honorary Warrior!


    Remember to collect your reward daily, and remember to RISE up to the occasion. Real soon!

    - MapleSEA Administrator