10 May 2019

Mother's Day Greeting Contest

Hi Maplers,

Do you have a friend who is like a mother to you in-game? Now is the time to do a shout-out to your special motherly friend in-game in our Mother's Day Greeting Contest!

From 10th May till 12th May 2019, 2359hrs, tag your Maple motherly buddy or guildmate in our MapleSEA Facebook post along with a heart-warming message and win a Venshi's Mystery in-game prize!

So head on over to our Facebook post and start tagging and posting your message today!

Event Date

10th May to 12th May 2019, 2359hrs

Event Post

Click here to go to our event post


30x Venshi Mystery in-game Prize

On behalf of the MapleSEA Team, we would like to wish all mummy out there, a lifetime of happiness and Happy Mother's Day!

-MapleSEA Administrator.