12 Nov 2016

Mileage Milestone Event

Hey Maplers, check it out!

Those of you who have made cash shop purchases since 22nd May 2015, have we got some awesome news for you!

On top of your mileage obtained from normally purchasing items from the Cash Shop, we're topping it up with a further 10% of your total cash spending as FREE mileage!


Eligibility Criteria

• All Maplers who have made Maple Cash purchases between 22nd May 2015, 0000hrs (GMT +8) to 6th September 2016, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Rewards Crediting

• The 10% Mileage converted from your Maple Cash spending will be credited in during the v161 patch update
• Mileage credited from this event will be available for use until 15th November 2016, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Mileage Shop Reset

• The Mileage Shop will have all purchase limits resetted during the v161 patch update
• There may or may not be updated items to be sold from within the Mileage Shop after the reset