17 Dec 2020

MapleStory X BTS Special Event

Dear Maplers,

MapleSEA X BTS collaboration is finally here! Enjoy various cash items designed by BTS very own members!

Fancy something from J-Hope? Or rather have something flashy from Jin? Don't miss this chance and grab them while you still can oppa!

All items listed can only be purchased by Maple Cash. All items purchased from this sale can be traded once before use/equip
All items can be viewed and purchased via a new Special tab located in the Cash Shop & all items are permanent unless stated

Date Start: 17th December 2020, 1100hrs

Date End: 21st January 2021, 1059hrs

[BTS] Hat Package
[BTS] Hat Package includes:
  • [BTS] Piggybacking Wonky
  • [BTS] Light of the World Tree
  • [BTS] HOPE
  • [BTS] Mikrokosmos
  • [BTS] V Mask
  • [BTS] Heart's Desire
  • [BTS] Our Time with MapleStory
  • All hats listed above can also be purchased individually

    [BTS] Black Swan Packages

    [BTS] Black Swan Compact Package


    [BTS] Black Swan Compact Package includes:
  • [BTS] Eclipse Feather
  • [BTS] Love Swan
  • [BTS] Swan Serenade
  • [BTS] Last Feather
  • [BTS] Onyx Swan Effect Coupon

  • Note: Onyx Swan Effect Coupon has a 180 day duration but the cash effect obtained from the coupon is permanent

    [BTS] Black Swan Master Package


    [BTS] Black Swan Master Package includes:
  • Everything from the [BTS] Black Swan Compact Package
  • [BTS] Silent Night
  • [BTS] Holy Mystic
  • [BTS] Black Chandelier
  • [BTS] Black Swan Chat Ring
  • [BTS] Black Swan Label Ring
  • [BTS] Black Swan Damage Skin (Unit)
  • [BTS] Black Swan Medal Coupon
  • [BTS] Swan Dream Title Coupon

  • Note:
    - Damage Skin, Medal & Title coupons have a 180 day duration
    - Obtained Medal Stats are Perm, Title Stats 30 days
    - Applied Damage Skin is also permanent

    [BTS] Army Bomb Package


    [BTS] Army Bomb Package includes:
  • [BTS] Mellow Purple
  • [BTS] Purple Poem
  • [BTS] Deep Purple
  • [BTS] Bombie
  • [BTS] Purple Breeze
  • [BTS] Army Bomb

  • [BTS] Signature Package


    [BTS] Signature Package includes:
  • [BTS] Hat Package
  • [BTS] Black Swan Master Package
  • [BTS] Army Bomb Package
  • [BTS] Castle Swan (Chair)