18 Dec 2018

MapleStoryM - Special Evan Update Events!

Have you heard of Evan, the last descendant of the Dragon Masters?


Begin your new Maplestory Journey with the new Hero Evan and receive various gifts!

Evan Growth Support Event

Reach higher level and get rewarded!

Event Period: 18 Dec 2018 (Tue.), After Maintenance – Jan 2019 Week 4 update (Server Time)




Please Note

1) Above event can be participated by Evan, once for each account.
2) Rewards will be sent to your mailbox.

Burning Project

1 Level-up comes with 2 additional levels! Burning Project begins!

Event Period: 18 Dec 2018 (Tue.), After Maintenance – Jan 2019 Week 4 update (Server Time)

Event Details
1) You can choose one Burning character, newly created during the event period.
2) For every level-up, the selected Burning character will gain 2 additional level-up’s

Event Notes
1) Only 1 character per account can be selected for Burning.
2) You can select Burning character upon creating a new character.
3) You cannot select existing characters as a Burning character.
4) Burning effect (+2 additional level-up’s) only applies to Lv.3 ~ Lv.75.
5) Burning effect will disappear once the character reaches Lv.75 or the event ends.
6) You cannot change the Burning character, unless the selected Burning character has been deleted.
7) If your Burning character is under deletion standby status, you cannot create another Burning character yet. Please fully delete the current Burning character.
8) Storm Growth Potion cannot be used within the Burning Level range.
9) GP will not be given for Burning Character’s additional +2 level-up’s.


Evan Update Special Log-in Rewards

Simply log-in and receive the ‘Evan Update Box’!

Event Period: 18 Dec 2018 (Tue.), After Maintenance – 2 Jan 2019 (Wed.), 09:59 (Server Time)

Event Details
1) Players who log-in to MapleStoryM during the event period will receive a special gift (once per account)
2) Special Gift: Evan Update Box x1 & TripleDillo Pet Set

[Evan Update Box]
1) Extra Character Slot Coupon x1
2) Auto-battle Charge Ticket (30min) x10
3) Mysterious Weapon Refining Powder (Epic) x10
4) Mysterious Armor Refining Powder (Epic) x10

[TripleDillo Pet Set]
1) Pinkadillo (14 Days) x1
2) Yellowdillo (14 Days) x1
3) Greenadillo (14 Days) x1


Please Note

1) All rewards cannot be registered at the trade station.
2) Evan Update Box and Extra Character Slot Coupon can be stored but cannot be transferred.
3) All other rewards in Evan Update Box except for the abovementioned cannot be stored or transferred.
4) You must use TripleDillo Pet Set within 14 days after receiving them.
5) TripleDillo Pet Set can be stored but cannot be transferred.