07 Dec 2017

MapleSEA "X"mas!

Dear Maplers,

Are you excited about Christmas? What about taking some time off for bowling? Or do you not want to miss out on all the Maple events happening?

This Christmas, MapleStorySEA is proud to showcase our very own MapleSEA "X"mas, which combines MapleSEA, Christmas, and Bowling, ALL IN ONE!

When is it? Where is it? Where are my details?
It will be held on the 16th of December 2017, at Ampang Bowl @ eCurve, located in Petaling Jaya! Visit our RSVP site to book your spot now!

Calling all avid MapleSEA fans in Malaysia, mark your calendars, keep your day free, because 16 December is going to be a blast!

What's so special about this event? image
This event, we will be using a form of currency known as meXo. MeXos come in a physical coin form and you can participate in activities to earn them!

Check out what we have lined up for you!

  • Bowling! But of course, this event is held at Ampang Bowl. Bowl to your hearts content and participate in our bowling events and competitions, and stand a chance to walk away with our top prize of 1,000,000 @Cash! We have various other bowling activities, such as a Strike/Spare challenges, highest points challenges for solo/buddies/group, and special quest cards to play in a specific fashion!
    All these exciting bowling activities will award you with meXos!
  • Refreshments corner. Players who RSVP for our event will be able to rest and recharge with free flow of refreshments and snacks specially catered just for you!
  • Redemption counter. Not sure where your meXos can be used? They can be used to exchange for several in-game items and more!
  • Goodie bags (attendees who RSVP-ed only)! There will be an exclusive loot bag with special items (including an event T-shirt, posters, and more) for our devoted Maplers who RSVP-ed for the event! Non-RSVPers can still attend, but please note that they will not receive a goodie bag. All attendees will receive in-game freebies regardless of whether they have RSVP-ed: a Chair Coupon and a special Merry Christmas Medal!


    image image

  • Exclusive Air-Gacha! Stand a chance to win goodies from our special all-new Air-Gacha! "What's Air-Gacha?" you may ask. Drop by to find out!
    Stand a chance to win many prizes such as;
    • Christmas themed Cash Decorative Items
    • Exclusive MapleStory Hero Figurines
    • Jackpot Items proudly sponsored by Razer
    • And more!!

  • Exclusive Event-ground Sales! What's a MapleSEA Offline Event without special sales items! Drop by to get your hands on our on-ground sales items now!








  • Special MeXos Auction! As titled, there will be an auction held near the end of the event! Auction for highly prized items with meXos earned from the event and be the proud new owner of our exclusive #auctionItems that will be auctioned!

So what are you waiting for? RSVP NOW!!
See you at MapleSEA "X"mas 2017!

Note: All items obtained from MapleSEA "X"mas can only be redeemed in-game after 20 December 2017 patch update.


Terms and Conditions

• Limited coupon quantities will be available.
• All item sales are on a first-in-queue-first-serve basis.
• A maximum allowable purchase quantity limit of 4 units per item coupon will be imposed for each person.
• All item coupons sold are non-refundable nor exchangeable.
• We will not be responsible for any coupon codes that have expired.
• Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation reserve the rights to make any changes to the above-mentioned without any prior notice.
• Should you encounter difficulties in redeeming any of the codes, kindly send an iBox ticket for further assistance.
• All items can only be redeemed upon the 20 December 2017 game patch update. Please note that you will be unable to redeem the codes before this date.

Edit at 0020hrs 9th December 2017 : The EventBrite site was updated to reflect RSVP ticket price of S$10.00 instead of RM30.00 due to some payment provider issues. Kindly try to RSVP again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- MapleSEA Administrator