09 Nov 2018

MapleSEA Black Mage X Maple M

Dear Maplers,

Login to MapleStory M for some extra goodies while we prepare for a big update that's coming your way to MapleStorySEA!


Rally Up with the Maple Alliance!

You can do your part in MapleStory M by logging into your MapleStorySEA accounts and claiming the Fairy Bros Daily Gifts rewards!

Event Duration

9th November 2018 ~ 23rd January 2019, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

• Fairy Bros Daily Gifts Participation

Simply check-in and claim both Day 1 Check-in & Day 10 Check-in of the Fairy Bros Daily Gift event to participate!


MapleStory M Rewards

[Day 1 Check-in]
- VIP Teleport Rock
- TripleDillo Package
- Auto-Battle Charge Ticket
- Orange EXP Increase Ticket

[Day 10 Check-in]
- Mysterious Armor Whetstone (Epic)
- Bronze Potential Stamp 15%
- Auto-Battle Charge Ticket
- Orange EXP Increase Ticket

• MapleStory M Code Redemption


Step 1: Log in to your MapleStorySEA account and complete your Fairy Bros Daily Gift event check-in/
Step 2: Head on over to the (event page) and click on the "Claim MapleStory M Reward" button
Step 3: Follow the instructions given to redeem your MapleStory M codes!
Step 4: Input the codes given into MapleStoryM, and collect your rewards!

• Only check-ins after 9th of November 2018 will be eligible.
• There is a total of 2 redemption codes available for redemption; Day 1 Check-in & Day 10 Check-in
• The codes have a 30 day expiry, while the items claimed will be saved in MapleStory M’s Inbox for 7 days.
• You may need to log out of your MapleStorySEA account after checking-in, before heading over to claim your MapleStory M reward.

Prepare yourselves, the Black Mage is coming!