16 Nov 2016

Mapler's Day Out - November 2016

Hi Maplers!


Mark your calendar as we will be having our Mapler’s Day Out event this coming Saturday, 19th November 2016 @ Bugis Junction, Singapore.

There will be a mystery event happening during the Mapler’s Day Out event and we will also be watching a movie after the mystery event.

Sound confusing ah? Don’t worry, we have the event highlight summarized below.


So if you are free and would like to join us for this Mapler’s Day Out event, please RSVP over here.

Do note that as we have limited slot for this event, only a maximum of 30 players will be selected to join us in this month Mapler’s Day Out event!

Important Notes
1) Only selected players who RSVP at our Facebook event page will be shortlisted.
2) Only 30 players will be selected to join us at our Mapler’s Day Out event.
3) Only players who are selected will be allowed to participate in our mystery event.
4) One movie ticket will be given to each selected RSVP player for the movie event.
5) In cases of if your friends want to join you for the movie screening, they will have to purchase their own tickets.
6) Seat allocation for the movie are random.
7) Movie ticket given are non-exchangable.
8) The MapleSEA Team decisions are final and binding.

Happy Mapling!

-MapleSEA Administrator.