28 Feb 2019

Maple World Guided Tour

Hey Maplers,

Time for a quick tour with CM Venshi and our beloved MapleSEA Game Masters!

Now's your chance to get up close and personal with the people that help with managing the game, while having fun and chatting away! (It was hard to get them to free up their schedule!)

During the following days in the month of March, tune in to our Facebook Page at 5pm on the days marked below to catch CM Venshi LIVE on stream!

Or if you'd like to, you can join CM Venshi and the Game Masters in game when the stream is live! The stream will be held across all worlds, so feel free to hop in and mingle around when they swing by!



Hang tight and join us on an activity filled March with LINE FRIENDS and MapleStorySEA, and leading you will be our newest tour guide, CM Venshi accompanied by our beloved MapleSEA Game Masters!