22 Jul 2020

July's Golden Apple Harvest

Dear Maplers,

Golden Apple is ready for its next harvest!

Golden Apple Sale Duration : 22nd July 2020 ~ 5th August 2020


An apple a day keeps the doctor away? I'll take your entire stock. Yet again.


Check out the obtainable items below!

Assorted Souls

All types of Will's Soul are available in Golden Apple, alongside its Augmented Soul. Various other types of Augmented Souls are also up for grabs.


Assorted Androids and Related


Chairs and Miscellaneous Cosmetic Items


Note: Plastic Model Chairs can only be used by the stipulated genders. Mount Exchange Coupons can be obtained as a 90 day version or a Permanent version.

Assorted Enhancement and Upgrade Items


Images above show a partial selection of items obtainable from Golden Apple.

An apple a day, stay healthy all day!