01 Mar 2019

Golden Spring Harvest


The fields of harvest have turned gold, signalling yet another haul!



The Golden Apple will be available in the Cash Shop for a limited time period, between 1st March 2019, 0000hrs ~ 3rd March 2019, 2359hrs (GMT +8)!

• Using the Golden Apple

1) Purchase the Golden Apple from the Cash Shop.
2) Ensure that the Golden Apple has been moved into your Character Inventory after purchase.
3) Exit the Cash Shop, and open your Inventory > "Cash" tab.
4) Double-click on the Golden Apple. Ensure that you have sufficient empty slots in your inventory, a window will prompt you before you make your confirmation


5) Upon clicking on "OK", you will receive the following:
   » 1x Random Item Reward
   » 1x Golden Apple Piece


• Golden Apple Slice Exchange

Collect Golden Apple Pieces and exchange them for other consumables! (double-click on the Golden Apple Pieces to begin exchanging):

   » 10x Golden Apple Pieces : 2000x Spell Trace
   » 30x Golden Apple Pieces : 1x Golden Hammer 70%
   » 50x Golden Apple Pieces : 1x Innocence Scroll 50%
   » 100x Golden Apple Pieces : 1x Special Additional Potential Scroll

• Golden Apple Item Reward List

Monster Souls (Magnus, Bad Brawler, Arkarium, Pink Bean; Normal/Augmented)


   » Mighty Monster Soul [+STR]
   » Deft Monster Soul [+DEX]
   » Enlightened Monster Soul [+INT]
   » Lucky Monster Soul [+LUK]
   » Glamourous Monster Soul [+All Stat]
   » Sharp Monster Soul [+Weapon Attack]
   » Runic Monster Soul [+Magic Attack]
   » Robust Monster Soul [+HP]
   » Augmented Monster Soul [+Random Stat; Upgraded Soul Skill]
   » Soul Enchanters
   » Soul Disassembler

Chairs & Mounts


   » Doll House Chair
   » Windflower Festival Chair
   » Eclipse Bird Mount (Permanent/90 Days)
   » K-Car Mount (Permanent/90 Days)

Consumables & Functional Items



   » Amazing Scroll for One-Handed Weapon for Weapon Attack 100%
   » Amazing Scroll for One-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack 100%
   » Amazing Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon for Weapon Attack 100%
   » 10 Core Gemstones Coupon
   » Rainbow Resurrection Flame
   » Assorted Chaos Scrolls (Miraculous, of Goodness, etc.)
   » Assorted Clean Slate Scrolls (5%, 10%, etc.)
   » Assorted Miracle Scrolls (Pet, Weapon, Accessory, etc.)
   » Pink Accessory Scrolls
   » Carved Seals (Silver, Gold)
   » Golden Hammers

Assorted Slot Bags

   » 20 Slot Bags (Scrolls, Titles, Recipes, Chairs, Minerals, Plants, Crafting, etc.)


   » Dominator Pendant
   » Chaos Pink Bean Mark
   » Android Hearts (Titanium, Lithium, Crystal, Gold)
   » Assorted Face Accessories (Meister Symbols, Purple Pendants, Hound Earrings, Maple Leaf, Tree Branch Nose etc)

Grab your harvesting tools and let's all reap our rewards this Spring!