09 Feb 2021

Equality Essentials

Equality implies Individuality, someone once said.
If Orange is the new Black, then Equality is the new Orange~

Equality Cube Sale Duration
10th February 2021 ~ 14th February 2021 2359hrs

REJOICE Maplers!

Let's welcome the new Equality Cube to the Cash Shop family!! *Cuts Red Ribbon*
Tier up Equal to your current stats with Equality Cube!! Don't worry, we checked that this cube is safe and not sus.


How to use Equality Cube
Once you have made the purchase and move it to your inventory, you can now use the Equality Cube with the steps below :

1. Double click on the Equality Cube to open its UI.

2. Click and drag on the desired Equipment and place it in the square box.

3. Click the "USE" button to proceed using the Equality Cube on the selected Equipment.

Note : As mentioned in the prompt, clicking on "OK" will consume an Equality Cube.

4. Congratulations! You have successfully used the Equality Cube on the selected Equipment.

Note : With every use of Equality Cube, you will get an Equality Cube Fragment.

About Equality Cube Fragment

Rewards can be obtained by using the Equality Cube Fragment as shown below:

Things to note when using the Equality Cube :
  • Equality Cube does not work on items that are 'Seal Locked'.
  • Equality Cube can be used on Secondary Weapons.
  • Equality Cube purchased with Maple Cash can be traded once.
  • Equality Cube purchased with Maple Points cannot be traded.
  • Stats generated by the Equality Cube for every line are randomly selected from the Potential Grade stats pool. (Eg : If your Potential Grade is Legendary, stats generated for every line will only be from Legendary Grade stats pool.

  • Embrace Equality~