31 Mar 2021

Easter Special - 4 Cows and a K Sale

Is no Fools' play! Soon it'll be Easter Day! Here are some far out wild items to make your day a bright happy moo-yay!

Event Duration
1st April 2021, 0000hrs ~ 4th April 2021, 2359hrs

Cow Skin Coupons

No Cows were harmed during the skin color extraction.
Note : After applying the Cow Skin Coupon, you can save the Skin by using the mannequin system in your Cash Equipment Tab. Gentle reminder if you want your current default Skin, make sure to save it first before using the Cow Skin Coupon.


K-Face Accessory Box

Note : Each Face Accessory are obtained at random and have a 90 days duration only....k....


Stay Safe Everyone ~