12 Mar 2020

Blossom Miracle Time


Dear Maplers,

Miracles come in both small and big packages! Enjoy enhanced Potential Tier Up chance with Blossom Miracle Time!


Date : Saturday, 14th March 2020

Time : 2001hrs ~ 2159hrs (GMT +8)

All cubes listed in the above image are affected by Miracle Time rates up till the listed Highest Obtainable Tier

Grand Cube Packages Sales

3 Special Grand Cube Packages will be on sale during Blossom Miracle Time! Each Grand Cube Package consists of 30 cubes, a number of Grand Enhancement Boxes, as well as a coupon for a Potential Scroll with a special function!

All packages will only be on sale from 14th March 2020, 0000hrs to 15th March 2020, 2359hrs. All package contents have a duration of 7 days.




Items Obtainable from Grand Enhancement Box
• Spell Trace
• Suspicious Cube
• Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%
• Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 60%
• Golden Hammer 100%
• Carved Silver/Golden Seal
• Yellow/Purple Cube
• Crimson/Rainbow Resurrection Flame
• Epic/Unique Potential Scroll 100%

A Miracle is Blossoming!


Be prepared for the Blossom Miracle Time and may everyone receive Miraculous blessings and blossom like flowers in a spring bloom!

- MapleSEA Administrator