13 Apr 2018

Black Day Black Sale

Dear Maplers,

We've got a special Black Day sale running for you for this entire day!


The special Black Cube will be made available in the Cash Shop for this weekend, just for one day only!

Date : Saturday, 14th April 2018

Time : 0000hrs until 2359hrs (GMT +8)


Don't miss out on the special price tag!

• The special Black Cubes available on sale are priced at 2,800 MapleCash
• Meanwhile, normal Black Cubes will still be available for purchase at 3,500 MapleCash
• Kindly be advised to take note of the prices before confirming your purchase
• Any requests or appeals for refunds or reimbursements due to failure of noticing the prices will not be entertained

-MapleSEA Administrator