24 Nov 2020

AWAKE Headset Special Sale

Dear Maplers,


Date Start: 25th November 2020, 0000hrs

Date End: 31st December 2020, 2359hrs

Headsets are back! Get your groove on! New playback of songs in your selected style! Starting from 25th November, 0000hrs to 31st December, 2359hrs, the listed Headsets below will be on sale in the Cash Shop!

Enjoy the holiday spirits? Get the X-mas Headset! Want to sit back and relax to jazzy hits? Buddy Headset is there for you! Want to go old school? The Vintage 101 Headset will be for you!

Note: All headsets shown above have a permanent duration.
Songs will be played following the tracklist order, and will continue to play even when the MapleStory window is not active. You may stop the music by right-clicking on the buff icon. Equip the headset again to enjoy the music once more!