17 Nov 2020

AWAKE Grand Sale

Dear Maplers,

Special sale time! Enjoy the sale of crowd favorite items from Cube Packages to Transparent Weapons! Starting from 18th November, 0000hrs~!

1) Grand Cube Package Sales - Sale ends 21st November, 1800hrs (GMT+8)
2) Transparent Weapon Sales - Sale ends 1st December 2020, 2359hrs (GMT+8)

Grand Cube Package Sales
3 Special Grand Cube Packages will be on sale from 18th November 2020, 0000hrs (GMT+8) to 21st November 2020, 1800hrs (GMT+8) ! Each Grand Cube Package consists of 30 cubes, and a number of Grand Enhancement Boxes as well as a coupon for a Potential Scroll with a special function!


Note: All package contents have a duration of 7 days.

Items obtainable from Grand Enhancement Box
  • Spell Trace
  • Suspicious Cube
  • Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%
  • Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 60%
  • Golden Hammer 100%
  • Carved Silver/Golden Seal
  • Yellow/Purple Cube
  • Crimson/Rainbow Resurrection Flame
  • Epic/Unique Potential Scroll 100%

  • Transparent Weapon Sales
    Your weapon being too bulky or is your weapon hiding your fancy Cash Outfits? Well fret not as Transparent Weapons are back!

    Starting from 18th November 2020, 0000hrs (GMT+8) to 1st December 2020, 2359hrs (GMT+8), these weapons will be on sale in the cash shop!

    Note: The Transparent Weapons above are permanent