25 Aug 2021

A Walk 'n a Bark

Event Duration
26th August 2021, 0100hrs ~ 2259hrs

Fancy a walk in the park with your beloved pup? Try these Samurai outfits out for size! Your precious pup need not soil nor tire her little paws, as she can nestle snugly and comfortably in a special compartment in the garment and watch the world go on by as you stroll. Match it up with your S/O and bring those pooches out for a delightful walk. All outfits are Unisex and comes with a shiba inu pup plush (so you don't actually need a dog).


Note :
  • All Cash Items purchased are Permanent.
  • Purchase Limit for each item : No Limit
  • Note : All Cash Items from both Packages have no gender lock.