01 Nov 2023

NEW AGE Prelude


Event Duration: 8th November 2023, 0000hrs ~ 14th November 2023, 2359hrs

Requirement: Level 101+, Zero character who has completed Chapter 2 for Story Quest
How to Start: Look for the Reward Box icon at the left side of the screen


  • Additional Notice
  •  ↪ Rewards will be automatically unlocked in Reward Box after 1 hour of playtime has been recorded
     ↪ Daily Basic Rewards are given immediately without playtime requirement
     ↪ All rewards can be obtained ONCE per World
     ↪ All rewards are Inter-Account Transactions Only and have Duration of 14 days EXCEPT 2x EXP Coupon (15 min) has Duration of ONE day
     ↪ Final Rewards listed on 15 November 2023 will only be credited to Maple ID that participates on ALL 7 days of NEW AGE Prelude event. This will be credited on V227 NEW AGE Update.