02 Nov 2021

Special Daily Login Event: Step Up Higher, Till You're Walking On Air!


Event Duration
3rd November 2021, 0000hrs ~ 16th November 2021, 2359hrs

Requirement: Level 101+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest
How to Start: Just login and AFK/Idle.

STEP UP and go higher, until it feels like you're walking ON AIR!
• Staying on for 30 minutes a day keeps the FREE stuff coming your way!
• 2 different rewards will be given: you are guaranteed a 2x EXP Coupon (15min) x1 daily upon login, but you can only claim the other daily rewards as listed in the table below after 30 minutes of online time!
• Claim the rewards via the Gift Box on the left of your screen.

Truly a Loyal Mapler:
Don't miss out on a single day! Claim both prizes daily for the ENTIRE event duration and you'll be rewarded with an EXTRA MAGICAL SURPRISE GIFT waiting for you in our upcoming V209 Patch Content Update!


  • You are advised to claim the rewards at least 30 minutes before the day strikes midnight!
  • If you are logged out of the game before the 30 minutes is over, the timer will restart! Be sure to stay in the game!!

  • Ah~ Ha, Ha, Ha Stayin' online, stayin' online