06 Jan 2021

First Golden Apple Harvest of the Year


Greetings Maplers,

Our fresh apples from Utah's Farm are ready for harvest once again!

Golden Apple Sale Duration:
6th January 2021 ~ 20th January 2021

At the current state the world is in, comsuming apples and staying healthy is the best choice you will probably ever make~ Laff...
Get your Golden Apples today! Ya' know what they all say...

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!


Additionally, we have newly added a Single Apple for you singles to try it out~
Note : The single Golden Apple shown above can only be purchased once per Maple ID.

Assorted Souls

All types of Will’s Soul are available in Golden Apple, alongside with its Augmented version. Various other types of Augmented Souls are also up for grabs.


Assorted Androids and Related Items

Sorry no androids this round =/


Chairs and Miscellaneous Cosmetic Items

All Chairs and Mounts this round are Tradable, hurray~

Mount Exchange Coupons can be obtained as a 90 day version or a Permanent version.

Assorted Enhancement and Upgrade Items

*Nudged* We know you giggled at the Damage Skin - Clear "image" F3


All images above show a partial selection of items obtainable from Golden Apple.

Om nom nom nom away~