01 Apr 2024

Pi Brothers' Fools!


Chew Chew Pi Pi Doldol Beak? Chew Chew with us today!

Simia's food is always the best! CHEW CHEW~
But we also like eating with Muto! YUM YUM~
Master Lick's food is EWWW!

Event Duration: 1st ~ 2nd April 2024

Stay online for 14 Minutes to receive a Chew Chew messy platter Yum Yum three times coupon x4 (15 minutes)!

  • You may only claim the reward once per MapleID?
  • All rewards will be obtainable via the Reward Box icon , located on the left side of the screen AFTER the full 14 minutes has been clocked.
  • Please be sure to login to the desired character on which you wish to claim these rewards.
  • All rewards from the April Fools Login event have a duration of a Chew Chew Duration.
  • Unclaimed rewards will get chewed away and missing from the Reward Box at 0000hrs (GMT +8) on each reset.

  • FAQs

    Q: I logged in before 2359hrs, why can't I claim any reward?
    A: Pidol Pimee Pido Pido needs you online 14 minutes consecutively! Yum yum!

    Q: I managed to clock in the required time, why wasn't I able to claim the reward?
    A: The claim period expires on 2359hrs (GMT +8) on each reset, and after that, Simia cooks it.

    Q: Can I switch characters?
    A: The timer will reset! Reward! Got! Chew! Chew! Away! Wait! 14Minutes! In! A! Row! Chew Yum Island is the best!

    - MapleSEA Administrator SimiaPidollPimeePibeak