20 Mar 2019

Leap with Lady Blair - The Impending Unison of 7 Stars


The union of seven.. It's coming and you can't stop it, but you can leap it!


1. Leap Before Unison
2. Lady Blair's Dream Express
Please note that these two events only apply to the D2J World. Players in Aquila, Bootes, and Cassiopeia will not be able to participate in these events.

Leap Before Unison

Pack up and get ready for a new adventure! As announced, the Unison of 7 Stars will take place on 3 April 2019, two weeks from now.
Can't wait to go? Players in D2J can now transfer to Bootes or Cassiopeia during the Leap Before Unison event happening right now, all the way till 2 April 2019!

Transfer Period: 20 March 2019 (After Maintenance) ~ 2 April 2019, 2359hrs
Do note that characters created within the Transfer Period cannot participate in the transfer.


• The event is for D2J players only.
• Participants must be level 33 and above, and Zero Characters must have at least completed Story Chapter 2.
• Characters created after 20 March 2019, 0000hrs (GMT +8) cannot participate.
• There is no limit to the amount of characters that can be transferred out of D2J.

Before moving your character to a new world, please read the information listed on this page in full and very carefully..


Locate NPC Mr. Move-It and talk to him in-game. After confirming, you will be able to select your destination world.

Please note that this cannot be undone once characters have been transferred. Please read the information provided by the NPC, and the information on this page carefully before proceeding.

NPC Mr. Move-It is available at Henesys, near the portal to Ardentmill.

Leap Before Unison Detailed Information




• Special medals obtained from NPC Dallier will not be transferred.
• Some character and quest data may be deleted.

P.S. I hope you did read everything on this page. Please, read before you leap. Please?

Lady Blair's Dream Express

To ease your worries for a stress-free Leap before the Unison of 7 Stars!
Event Duration: 20 March 2019, 1000hrs (After Maintenance) ~ 2 April 2019, 2359hrs


During the event period, players can freely transfer their Cash Items between different characters/factions in the same world, within D2J only!

Transferring Cash Items

1. Enter the Cash Shop
2. Pick a Cash Item that would like to be transferred, and ensure that it is placed in the Cash Inventory/Wardrobe
3. Right-click on the item and select the Transfer button
4. Select the recipient of the item from the drop down menu
5. Click on the OK button

The selected item will now appear in the selected character's Cash Inventory/Wardrobe the next time that character is logged in

Cash Item Transfer Limitations

  • Players can only transfer cash items between characters within the same world
  • Cash items transferred between two characters of the same faction (e.g Explorer, Resistance etc.) will still result in a successful transfer, although its good to note that they are already able to share items between their Cash Inventory/Wardrobe
  • There are a few items that cannot be transferred, for example the following:
  •    - Friendship and Couple Effect items

    Please note that these two events only apply to the D2J World. Players in Aquila, Bootes, and Cassiopeia will not be able to participate in these events.