11 Dec 2017

Asiasoft 1212 Knockout Sale

Dear Maplers,

Asiasoft is having a Knockout Promotions across their game titles on 12.12.17! On that day, we will be running a 20% Discount Storewide on most items*, just for one day only!


*Categories/Items not included in the Storewide Discount are as follows:
  » Boost Category
  » Package Category
  » Mileage Shop Items
  » Items that are already running on discounts

Event Period:
12th December 2017, 0100hrs (GMT +8)
13th December 2017, 0100hrs (GMT +8)

Aside from that, there's extra perks if you top-up and convert your @Cash into your MapleCash on this day!


• The item codes will be sent to your registered email in the Asiasoft Passport (It will be sent by the following week)
• All un-redeemed item codes will expire on 15th March 2018.
• Instructions on how to convert @Cash to Maple Cash, please click here.
Important: Please note that the rewards for these items are only available based on the exact amount converted - 20k, 30k, 50k and 80k.
• You may convert as many times as you wish e.g:
    » A 150k Conversion of @Cash to Maple Cash, done in denominations of 50k/ea for 3 times in row, will reward you with 3 sets of perk items from the 50k category.
    » A 100k Conversion of @Cash to Maple Cash, directly converted once, will only reward you with just 1 set of the perk item from the 80k category.

- MapleSEA Administrator