28 Feb 2020

YouTube to End Support for Internet Explorer Web Browser

Dear Maplers,

From March onwards, Google's YouTube will be offering limited support to users who are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as their Web Browser.

While this will not directly affect MapleStorySEA gameplay, it may cause some issues with browsing our webpage or playing in-game cutscene videos if you do not have a supported browser.

To check if the browser you are currently using is supported, please click on the image below, or visit the following link:
Image above will be presented in the link above if your browser is supported.

We recommend all Maplers that are currently still utilizing a version of web browser that will not be supported by YouTube to upgrade to a supported browser as soon as possible to prevent any issues that may arise. Maplers who are already using a supported browser need not take any action.

Thank you.

- MapleSEA Administrator