19 Jun 2018

You Make, We Bake Contest Extension and Clarification

Dear Maplers,

We have received some reports that one of the submissions for the "You Make We Bake" contest has an element that was copied in full from a DeviantArt user. We have checked on the matter, and confirmed the allegations to be true. Therefore, in accordance to the Terms and Conditions of the event, we regret to inform that the submission in question has been voided.

However, we also received numerous feedback that some of you missed the submission deadline due to confusion on the cut-off date for entries, and the voting end-date. Therefore, we will be extending the submission deadline to 21st June 2018, 0800hrs (GMT +8). You may mail your entries to before this time. Voting deadline will remain as it is, at 22 June 2018, 1800hrs (GMT +8). Submitted entries will be uploaded to the voting album as we receive them.

The artist with the disqualified artwork may resubmit another entry if he/she so wishes, but all votes received on the first entry shall be voided and cannot be carried over to the new submission.

Sprites that are modelled after Nexon's official assets are acceptable.

All other Terms and Conditions of the event remain the same.

- MapleSEA Administrator