25 Oct 2013

Weekend Redemption Package for Cassiopeia Players

Dear Maplers,

In view of the unexpected service disruptions for Cassiopeia World on 16th Oct & 19th Oct 2013, we will be providing Redemption Package for players in Cassiopeia.

Redemption Package:
• 1 × 50% up EXP Coupon (1 Day)
• 2 x Wheel of Fortune

Above Redemption Package is valid from 26th Oct 2013, 0000hrs – 27th Oct 2013, 2359hrs +8 GMT for all players above level 30 in Cassiopeia.

Redemption Package is limited to ONE redemption per Maple ID.

To claim the present, starting from 26th Oct 2013, 0000hrs +8 GMT, simply just login anytime during the stipulated redemption period and click on the image Reward Package on the left of the screen to receive the present.

If you are unable to see the Reward Package on the left of the screen even with above requirements, please try to re-login for the package to appear on screen.

For redeemed EXP Coupon to be activated, please transfer the EXP Coupon between your inventory and cash inventory.

Thank you all for the kind understanding and patience.

Last but not least, do not forget about our weekend 2x EXP & Drop Rate event!

– MapleSEA Administrator