14 Apr 2023

Closure of Content in v222 Patch Update

Dear Maplers,

With effect from the v222 content update that will take place on Wednesday, 19th April 2023, the content Violetta's Wish and their related quests will be removed as part of our ongoing content improvement plans, in which less popular content will gradually be removed and replaced with better content in future. This would allow us to reallocate the resources invested in the upkeeping of such contents and invest them instead on bringing better and newer content and features that would allow you to get even more value and enjoyment out of playing MapleStorySEA.

Violetta's Badge can still be obtained from the Maple Administrator until 30th May 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8) if you have 300 Mushroom Fragments. Items already owned will not be removed.

After their removal, you can no longer access Violetta's Wish.

We would like to thank all Maplers for your kind understanding and continued support for MapleStorySEA.

- MapleSEA Administrator