15 Mar 2023

An Update from the Administrator

Dear Maplers,

We have noted several cases where certain methods could be utilized to bypass certain game specifications when exchanging between Genesis Lapis and Lazuli on Zero, which would result in said Genesis Lapis and Lazuli having abnormal stats that provided unfair gameplay advantage for certain Maplers.

A total of 21 accounts have been found to have abnormal stats with Genesis Lapis and Lazuli, and affected weapons' abnormal stats will be removed. Disciplinary actions have been taken on accounts found to have bypassed the normal methods to obtain unfair advantages.

In addition, we have also noted several cases of abuse in Gatekeeper Kalos (Chaos). A total of 18 accounts have been found to have cleared the boss via illegal means, and disciplinary actions have been taken on the offending accounts.

We also wish to remind all Maplers that participating in the same party as a hacker is considered to be complicity in hacking and cheating, and is therefore subject to the same punishment. If you know or suspect someone who is using hacks or exploits, we encourage you to leave the party immediately and file an Abuse Report against them.

Lastly, we would like to bring to attention that there are several users have characters with the same IGNs as other Maplers or within their own account, causing several game access issues. Affected users will receive an email to their registered email detailing on the next steps to take to prevent further issues from occurring.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all Maplers that usage of third party software, any forms of editors with intent to alter the state of the game or to gain an advantage normally unobtainable is not allowed in MapleStorySEA, and that the use of hacking tools is strictly prohibited. We would like to thank all Maplers and appreciate your cooperation in creating a safe and fair gaming environment.

Thank you.

- MapleSEA Administrator