14 Dec 2022

Closure of Content in V219 Patch Update

Dear Maplers,

With effect from the v219 content update that will take place on Wednesday, 21st December 2022, the following contents and their related quests will be removed as part of our ongoing content improvement plans, in which less popular content will gradually be removed and replaced with better content in future. This would allow us to reallocate the resources invested in the upkeeping of such contents and invest them instead on bringing better and newer content and features that would allow you to get even more value and enjoyment out of playing MapleStorySEA.

Contents that will be removed:
  • Beast of Fury: The Dragon and Tiger
  • Wish Hill: Event map from the past no longer in use

    You are advised to claim all related rewards by 20th December 2022, 2359hrs (GMT +8). Do note that equipment and items that have been obtained from the above mentioned contents will not be removed. As such, items such as the Red Tiger Student and Gold Dragon Student (Medal) will remain in your possession.

    With effect from 21st December 2022 (After Patch) onwards, the following quests cannot be started:
  • The Dragon and Tiger
  • [Beast of Fury] Choosing Sides

    After their removal, you can no longer access the above contents.
  • All related NPCs and Portals will be removed in Mu Lung Town.
  • All maps relating to Red Tiger Dojo, Gold Dragon Dojo and Wu Tien Mountain will no longer be accessible.
  • Wish Hill will no longer be accessible. The Wish Hill Dimension Stone will no longer be usable after the update.

    We would like to thank all Maplers for your kind understanding and continued support for MapleStorySEA.

    - MapleSEA Administrator