26 Feb 2020

Notice for Upcoming Changes to Android and Pet Naming Convention

Dear Maplers,

We would like to inform all Maplers regarding a change in the current naming conventions for Android and Pet Names that will be coming to us in our next patch, on 4th March 2020.

From MapleStorySEA v193 onward, there will be some changes to what will be allowed in Android and Pet names. All Android and Pet names will be required to follow the conventions as set out below:
  • Between 4 to 12 character length.
  • Only Alphanumeric characters - 26 Latin letters (a to z) available for use in the English Language and 10 Arabic digits (0 to 9) can be used.
  • Only one Spacing character can be used.
  • Symbols cannot be used, with several exceptions for commonly used symbols.
    The full list of rules and allowed characters will be detailed in the Patch Release Notes for v193.

    With the upcoming change, please be advised that the following items will be temporarily removed from the Cash Shop, with the Cash Shop Update of 26th February 2020. The items will return to the Cash Shop during the Patch Updated on 4th March 2020.
  • Pet Name Change Coupon
  • Android Naming Coupon
  • We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

    During the update, any pets or androids with names that do not follow the rules set out above will have their names reset to default (e.g. White Rabbit, Android). Maplers who have had their Android or Pet names reset due to this will receive a new naming coupon for every Android or Pet that had their names reset after the patch update on 4th March 2020.

    Detailed information about the system changes can be found in the Patch Release Notes for v193, when made available. Do stay tuned for more information!

    - MapleSEA Administrator