19 Aug 2013

Unofficial Email Addresses being circulated

Dear Maplers,

It has come to our attention that fake email addresses have been circulated in the MapleStorySEA Facebook page as well as in other social media. These websites usually claim to offer various services and may even request for the user’s ID and Password in some cases.

Players are reminded to refrain from visiting such websites as they may contain malicious software such as keyloggers, which will pose a great threat to the player’s account security. It is highly encouraged to use only the official support links when facing any issues in MapleSEA.

Official support links are:

Forums may be used for seeking advice from other Maplers who face similar issues or to locate generic solutions for common issues. Users are advised to post in the appropriate section in order to receive the appropriate assistance.

For issues that require communication of sensitive issues such as Login ID, players are strongly encouraged to use only the iBox and/or Live Chat to seek further assistance. Players will be required to login to their Asiasoft Passport in order to access the Live Chat function.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again remind everyone that GMs and Forum Moderators will not request for account IDs and passwords.

-MapleSEA Administrator