30 Dec 2013

Tradeblock of Accounts on 30th December 2013

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that in light of the recent item duplication exploit, we have tradeblocked accounts that have been flagged down for further investigations.

A total of 1487 accounts from Ares and 73 accounts from Artemis have been tradeblocked due to possession of an abnormal amount of items within the account.

We would like to advise players who found that their accounts have been tradeblocked to submit an iBox ticket here for further following up of actions. (Do note that if you are tradeblocked it does not mean you are a duplication exploiter, it only means that we wish to further investigate your account.)

We hope to have your understanding as we start our investigations for the next few days. Everyone wishes to have a fair and just playing environment and we will not hesitate to come down hard on accounts involved in the duplication exploit. All items that are found to be duplicated will be deleted and no refunds will be entertained.

– MapleSEA Administrator