05 Jun 2013

[Update] Trade-Blocked Accounts for Item Glitch on 5th June 2013

Dear Maplers,

It has come to our attention that there is a glitch to produce items that can be easily upgraded, cubed and enhanced through the MTS system. To protect the general interest of all players, all players who are currently holding such item(s) will have their account trade-blocked until 12th June 2013 server check.

A total of 81 Maple Accounts will be affected by the trade block until 12th June 2013 (post server check). During the server check, developers will be carrying out reinstatement of the items.

No compensation of consumables and cash items will be made in conjunction with the reinstatement. For further enquires, do send in iBox for assistance.

[Update as of 12th June 2013] Trade block status of accounts will be extended from 12th June 2013 until further notice. We would like to extend our apologies on the extension due to time required to review a total 317 affected items for the rollback. Developers are working to minimize the effect of rollback to the minimal by going through the items data individually.

– MapleSEA Administrator