28 Aug 2015

Star Forced Leveling Support - Gere's Armory Chest Rewards Update

Dear Maplers,

With regards to the event, Star Forced Leveling Support, we are aware of the feedback given on the available rewards obtainable; particularly the information regarding the changing of the Meister (lvl 145) weapons for Royal Von Leon (lvl130) ones.

After much discussion with our developers, we would like to present the following announcement to everyone:

All rewards obtainable from Gere’s Armory Box will be reverted to the original list of Loveless, Cygnus, Scarlet or Meister weapons

Please take note that the above changes will only take effect from 2nd September 2015, after the weekly server maintenance. Players who have yet to open their Gere’s Armory Chest are highly advised not to do so until after the mentioned date.

“But I’ve already opened my box and obtained a Royal Von Leon weapon!”

If you are among the players with the above sentiment, rest assured that we have plans to reimburse players who obtained the Royal Von Leon weapon with a Meister weapon of the same type. However, crediting them in to the affected players will take place on a different date, which we will keep you updated again in the near future.

We appreciate all the feedback given and we sincerely hope that you will continue to give us your support with MapleSEA in the years to come.

Thank you.

- MapleSEA Administrator