09 Jan 2019

Removal of Lapsed Spirit Pendants

Dear Maplers,

In today's Server Check, several Spirit Pendants obtained from the Beginner Packages and Loyalty Packages that were part of the Ark Patch campaigns held last year have been removed.

These Spirit Pendants were meant to be durational and should have expired after 7 to 30 days of use. However, due to a bug, these pendants managed to outlive the intended expiry date. In order to maintain a balanced and fair gaming environment for all, we have decided to have the faulty Spirit Pendants removed from the respective inventories during today's maintenance.

We seek your kind understanding with regards to this matter, and also urge the community to help report any misbehaving items, NPCs, monsters (or even players) to us promptly when stumbled upon.

Thank you for your continued support, and Happy Mapling!

-MapleSEA Administrator