15 Jul 2016

Removal of Zakum Dungeon Additional Entry Ticket

Dear Maplers,

We're aware of the issues faced by players with regards to the item, Zakum Dungeon Additional Entry Ticket.

However, with the new changes to Zakum's mechanics and animation system, we'd like to inform everyone that the ticket has ceased to function and can no longer be used as intended. Regretfully, the issue with the entry reset ticket will be removed permanently from the game as there will not be any fix for it at any time. As an added note, the Zakum Dungeon Additional Entry Ticket has also been permanently removed from other MapleStory services.

As a token of reimbursement, we will be crediting Maple Points back to players who have made purchase of this item from the Cash Shop during the next Server Check on 20th July 2016.

Thank you for your kind understanding.